Torres Garcia, 'Mataro City' Painting Award


Extract text for the exhibition catalog VII Torres Garcia, 'Mataro City' Painting Award

Pilar Parcerisas, june 2017


(…) In a wide call like this, diversity is guaranteed. We could point out outlined and photographic realisms, lyrical and delicate abstractions, constructive geometries, gestualities that take us to abstract expressionisms from the past and to an everyday poetics, as an image of a reality lived today.

With this piece, Two Scapes, Monica Dixon has been distinguished with the award. She has managed to create, coming from black, a luminous architecture that sets us before a ‘’no place’’ and gets us inside a space that becomes passable with a glance which is mentally transformed in an experience (…)


Pilar Parcerisas is a jury member and art critic 'El Punt Avui' newspaper