The mystery of domestic interiors

La Nueva España,

Juan Carlos Gea, Oviedo

The mystery of the interiors, the loneliness of the human figure and the light, especially natural light versus darkness, are the motifs that underpin the work of the painter Monica Dixon (New Jersey, USA, 1971) seen in her solo show at Costa de Diego Gallery.

Over thirty paintings, most of them acrylic on wood, in which the artist reflects a closed universe, domestic and habitable, but with an enigmatic enviroment however. Dixon -on image, next one of her works-, has restricted her themes and the colors on her palette after leaving the outside scenes and she now addresses the human figure (in the few cases in which it appears) in a more essential and less anecdotal way, almost reduced to the status of a body immersed in the painting's atmosphere and surrounded by loneliness, the way Hopper did. In return, the painter, who has refined her technical resources, is more interested in exploring the effects of light on objects and spaces, and uses the "against the light" with technical virtuosity.