Seven artists for an anniversary 

Marietta Negueruela presents the work of six painters and one sculptor to celebrate the second aniversary of her gallery. 

El Norte de Castilla, 10/06/2006 

Fernando Caballero, Palencia 
Marietta Negueruela's gallery, in Palencia, celebrates these days its second anniversary with a group show that brings together artists already known to the gallery and two new other artists , as sculptor Belén González (Valladolid) or painter Monica Dixon (Asturias). José Meneses has already exhibited his work in the gallery, while Bureba and Onecha participated in group exhibitions - the first - or at the two art fairs in which the gallery has participated last year - the second -- . Pictures of the famous palentian painter Capel and the gallerist own works complete the group of artists that make up this collective exhibition. 

The Vallisoletan Belen Gonzalez has two sculptures that describe well her work. Young children, one lying down, the other sitting, pieces that exude tenderness and realism in its approach. Theartists welldoing is evident in the treatment of the sheets that clothe the child lying, raising his left hand gracefully. The one sitting is nude and plays with some balls. Belen Gonzalez will also be present in the gallery in the coming weeks with the presentation of a book by Teresa Camps with her watercolors and a solo exhibition. 

Jose Meneses is best known in the gallery. Natural of Barcelona but with ancestors in Villamuriel de Cerrato, is a landscape and seascape painter of his beloved Mediterranean. He's presenting three landscapes of vivid colors and thick, strong brushstrokes, with rural architecture in the background. The painter strives to reflect the ideal of the rural environment, nature and small villages. 

Jose Luis Onecha presents intense landscapes that characterize his work, an autumn landscape and a sunset, paintings that evoke a heartfelt land through subtle brushwork. In addition, an image of the Cibeles in Madrid is presented in a large format in which the painter demonstrates his ability to capture light, full of life and longing. 

The gallerist's paintings are colorful still lifes, vital and glowing. A flowery orange table is wrapped by a flat wall and the sea in the backgroundl. Two other canvas, one with strawberries, another with peaches and cherries are still lifes of great visual power and color. 

The Palencian Pedro Bureba, who appeared last year in an exhibition held by the College of Architects of Palencia, maintains his style based on mixed media on wood with a theme, which merges between the ethereal and the earth as a benchmark for reality, a land that is born and grows compactly into materials as typified by shingles, cardboard and pastic.   

The main novelty of this exhibition is the presence of the young artist Monica Dixon, a painter who represents a figuration in which human beings reflect about the enviroment that sorounds them. With a solid way of painting, as evidenced by " Three pair of shoes", she handles well the lights and darks, especially in that eternal dialogue between the human and the everyday environment surrounding him, such as a public bench for example. 

Finally, Palencian Carlos Guzman Capel changed his subject to address common themes that connect with the informality and abstraction, through a great plasticity and the use of outside elements, which gives prominence to his paintings. He has good drawing and painting skills , as demonstrated by an excellent female nude in the mirror.