A look inside

Ana Ranera – El Comercio – December 2020

On the walls of the Guillermina Caicoya gallery, the works in the exhibition 'Detained Spaces' open doors to other universes through light.
Looking inside, Monica Dixon finds what, to other eyes, goes unnoticed. The beams of light that slip through the cracks and the objects abandoned in the solitude of an empty room become the protagonists, austere, of her works. These pieces in which simplicity is gaining ground to everything else will be, until February 5, exposed on the walls of the Oviedo gallery Guillermina Caicoya.
Over the years, this artist has been removing any obstacle that could stand in her way. In this time, she discarded all that was left over to be able to keep the little that she needed to see light and shadows, to capture the essential and transfer it to her canvases. "I've been working on the interior for many years, but at first I was working on more domestic interiors: an object, a corridor, a staircase, and little by little I was removing the gadgets that were in my way, the things that bothered me, and I realized what really interested me," she explains.
This collection of eleven acrylics is left only with the geometries and with the concept of 'empty space' in which so much effort has been put into achieving. "I call these scenarios non-places". "They are those corners that one goes through, like an automaton, without paying attention to the details. They can be interpreted as those spaces that, sometimes, we pass through without realizing, without paying attention to what is in them," he says.
And, where no one would look, Dixon finds safe conduct to other worlds. "I work from the light that filters through a partition or a hole, so I try to create the geometries that lead us to a new reality within those empty spaces," he says.
As a novelty in this show, some notes of color appear. To the white, black and gray are added timid details that break the monotony. "I put a little touch on some piece because it seemed to suit him. It has been a turn of the screw," he says.
In these eleven works, the doors are opened to glimpse other worlds built with reflections, sparkles and darkness. Universes of which anyone has the key, although to see and understand them requires time and the effort to fix one's eyes and capture them with brushes in hand and eyes wide open so as not to let them slip away.