Pictorial reflection on housing

Five Asturian artists inaugurate a collective exhibition in Pola de Siero


Last night, the exhibition hall of the Casa de Cultura de Siero hosted the opening of the exhibition 'A place to live', a reflection on what housing means not only as an architectural element or a place to live, but also as a reflection of the human being who lives in it.

The works, which fit perfectly into the neatness of the room, correspond to the Asturian artists Esther Cuesta Saiz, Faustino Ruiz de la Peña, Federico Granell, Isabel Gil Sánchez and Mónica Dixón. Ramón Quirós Moro, director of the Siero Municipal Culture Foundation, said during his speech that they all put "all the facilities in the world" to star in this collective, which arose from Esther Cuesta's proposal.
Also present was Aurora Cienfuegos Prada, Councillor for Culture at Siero Town Hall, who was very satisfied with the collection and the layout of the room.

Natalia Alonso Arduengo, who gave voice to the presentation and wrote the text of the exhibition catalogue, explained why this "so atavistic" theme from an essay by the novelist and art critic Jean Frèmon on the French artist and sculptor Louise Bourgeois: "The house is the first stage of memory". Alonso has been working on this concept of housing as the "omega point" and "contextualizer" of existence for the last two years.

The literary references are intertwined with the plastic works of different styles and depths in an exhibition in which the spectator is not only inside and outside the house at the same time, but is the place where to live. It is unavoidable to mention Bachelard when seeing the paintings of thoughtful silhouettes carefully observing the peeling walls of ruined dwellings, almost making an introspective analysis of themselves. The exhibition can be visited until April 13, from Monday to Friday, from 17 to 21 hours, and Saturdays from 11 to 13.30 hours.