Monica Dixon and the metaphysic  evidence of loneliness

Monica Dixon’s piece opened the ‘Cultures’ section of Atlantica XXII, nº46 edition March 2017.

‘Chester’ (2015) was Monica Dixon’s contribution to the nº 46 edition of Atlantica XXII, published last September, which opened the ‘Cultures’ section.

Born in New Jersey in 1971 and Bachelor of Arts by Rutgers University, she is North American by birth an education on her father’s side but Asturian on her mother’s side. She lives in Oviedo, and Asturias is the place where she has developed most of her career, since the moment she had her first solo exhibition in Salas ‘House of Culture’ in 1994, combined with parallel group exhibitions  in Philadelphia.

Her work is divided in two main sections: On one side, her interiors, in which she reflects the threshold, the doors, the corridors, the wells, the far end empty rooms with a window taken as a light source that fills every spot, but with a cold, bare sensation among white walls that seem not to want to give shelter anymore. Dixon shows a special concern about the effects of light, a frontal light that bothers the eye or the sunray that penetrates sideways and bounces on the wall, the shutters half open or the sideboard in the middle of a hallway.

On the other side, her landscapes (like the one reproduced here) in which one looks to the exterior focusing on an emptiness that inevitably reminds us of the hopperian poetics and his metaphysical evidence of loneliness. As journalist  J.C.Gea pointed out regarding one of her exhibitions, her lonely architectures that ‘appear squashed under a luminous atmosphere without a trace of clouds in the hopperian landscapes of rural America, seem to state how precarious human constructions appear to be under the enduring majesty of space and sky’.

Monica Dixon has got a more than consolidated career, with solo exhibitions in places like Singapore and awards like the one of the Ciudad Real Government in the ‘Valdepenas International Visual Arts Competition’  or the ‘XXI Ciutat D’Algemesi National Painting Prize’ (Valencia), both obtained in 2016. She also participated in the exhibition for supporting Atlantica XXII Magazine, celebrated in The Manglar (Oviedo).