Monica Dixon – Artist exhibiting at Espacio 36 Art Gallery

“Art is necessary to escape and that’s a worldwide feeling”

“Many people say the film ‘Nebraska’ comes to their minds when they look at my paintings, because of the sense of lonelyness they transmit”.

La Opinión de Zamora


GUADALUPE BÉCARES -  Monica Dixon, an american painter established in Spain, shows her Works at Espacio 36 Art Gallery, Zamora, until may 21 st.

-  It’s about paintings in which the traditional american architecture is very present, but your interiors are more minimalist.

   The central idea is the house as a mere construction. I am North American, so what I paint comes from my imagination. It’s a way of reflecting the longing for the country where I was born, with vast field extensions, similar to the ones in the New Jersey and Pennsylvania area, even though they do not really exist, as they are imagined. In my interior paintings I tend to go more towards geometric and light, which are the basis of my work. Both are metaphysical extensions that play with the real an the unreal and they express part of what my personality is.

-  At first glance, the style could remind us at other american artists like Hopper. What are your references?

  People tend to say that because he is one of the most well known American painters; he also introduced human figures or other objects, which I don’t. His paintings were no quite as minimalist as mine and they don’t give as much sense of solitude. Other’s have told me that my canvases remind them at the film ‘Nebraska’. Any place out in the country in the U.S., is  like that. I had more references when I was in the University; Now I reinvent myself.

-  Your works give out silence and stillness, is that what you want express?

   Perhaps. I am kind of solitary and shy, specially when I was younger; that comes out somehow and it reflects on my paintings.

-  You also have a series of paintings in space.

   It’s a turning point. The collection’s name is  “Our planet, Our home”, to remind us that we should take care of our planet, because the truth is that we are floating in a galaxy. It’s a metaphore to fight and conscienciate about taking care of the enviroment.  

-  The concept of an artist, is it very different in the U.S. than in Spain?

   I don’t think so. In general artists are pretty much the same all around the world. One has to fight and work a  lot because the art world is not easy. Our unceirtainty is not easy but we can meet our goals. For this, globalization is an advantage and internet helps us to open up to the world, although the important thing is to view the work in person, and that’s the main purpose in the end.

-  And the way of perceiveing it?

  Whoever likes it, will like it the same in Hong Kong or in some lost town. Passion and sensibility are independent of age or the place where you are; they are feelings that human beings need to continue with their lives. Art is necessary to help you along your life and escape,  and that’s a worldwide feeling.