Monica Dixon. Painter and Muralist 

" Shoes can say a lot" 

El Comercio 

06/05/2004, Laura Iglesias 

She's 32 years old and has been painting all her life.  The passion for art runs in the family, because her grandfather was an amateur painter. Monica was born in Camden (New Jersey, USA). She graduated in Fine Arts from Rutgers University. She creates her works with a personal vision of the reality that surrounds her, showing an exquisite taste for realism on her brush strokes. In her latest exhibition, she has shown a fondness for footwear, but is not pigeonholed in a particular subject. 

What does painting mean for you? 

It's my way of expression, it's what I need to do to feel good about myself. Painting makes me happy. When I spend days without painting, I feel like there's something missing.  

"Do you paint as a living ? 

Up to over a month a go I had a business, were I sold paintings, custom frames and related things. But I decided to close it down, since I needed more time to devote to my paintings. 

Is'nt that risky? 

It is, but I think it's worth it. I had a needd to do it, it's my vocation and, though difficult, if you believe in yourself you eventually succeed. 

How do you see the art market in Asturias? 

In my experience, I see people think about it a lot before buying a work of original art. But if you are good, with a little luck, I think you can live off painting. 

How much time do you employ in making one of these works? 

For this last exhibition, each picture took me about a month. 

Do you receive commissions frequently? 

The truth is I do.

Is'nt it hard for you to get rid of your works? 

Very much. They are like my children. 

In your latest exhibition, the main character is footwear. 

I found them an interesting subject. The shoes can tell you a lot of things, the older the better. 

What painter has exerted more influence on you? 

No doubt. Edward Hopper and Andy Warhol, just to mention some.