A wide range of ways of understanding and practice of painting

La Nueva Espana


Oviedo, Juan Carlos Gea

As in previous calls, the selected works display a very wide range of ways of understanding and practice of painting: from Alvarez Laviada's or Zanzoni's pure geometry to the figurative landscapes of Trelles and  Riestra, or a kind of romantic landscape related to the abstraction (Guillermo Simon) or updated (Palud, which honors Friedrich) or tinged with lyricism (Esther Cuesta).

The portrait has its place in the distorted and powerful portrait of Antonio Alvarez Noval or the work of Monica Dixon, with a continuous expansion of techniques and motifs.

The human figure in a cityscape centers the work of Juan Fernandez and the earnest bold contribution of the Barcelonian José Luis Pastor (an ironic portrait of Benjamin) or the refined input, suffused with a pop sensibility subverted by Pablo Iglesias.

The formal and technical daring in the works of Barrue, Cristina Cuesta, Ana de la Fuente, María José González, María José Pérez, Manuel Alfonso Pire and Saro, who handle many different styles but always rooted in the contemporary range.