M. Dixon, Open windows  

La Voz de Asturias

Luis Feas Costilla 

It is the second time that Monica Dixon exhibits her work individually in Murillo Gallery, Oviedo, after sharing  the same space with Bernabe Fernández Llana, whom shares the interest in the effects of backlighting, more pronounced, dazzling and urban in the case of the painter of Valduno, more gentle, intimate and quiet those of the young painter from New Jersey, Bachelor of Fine Arts from Rutgers University. Although American by birth and education on her father's side, Monica Dixon Gutierrez de Teran is Asturian on her mother's side, she lives in Oviedo and has developed most of her career in Asturias, since she did her first solo exhibition in the Culture House of Salas in 1994, while exhibiting her work  in some group shows in Philadelphia. 

Since then she has become an artist from head to toes, which has moved from painting boots and shoes, to painting interiors, much more  reflexives, more thoughtful and deliberate. What the painter from New Jersey is more interested in now are thresholds, doors, corridors, staircases, empty rooms with a large window in the background, taken as a light source that floods all but a cold sensation , stripped, between white walls that no longer seem to want to give shelter to anyone. Dixon shows concern for detail, like the checkerboard floor or the phone that is going to ring in vain. But what she is more devoted to is to lighting effects; the light that bothers the eyes or the solar ray penetrating sideways and bouncing off the wall, shutters ajar or the cupboards in a hallway. Sometimes the faithful representation is disturbed by a vorticist effect, in others the guests are caught by surprise in their intimacy, and she also goes abroad, with an incidence in the emptiness that recalls the metaphysic Hopperian loneliness.