I like places that seem to take you somewhere

La Voz de Asturias


Monica Dixon's Interiors are again the main subject of a solo show, which will be hanging on the wall's of Murilo Gallery until the 25th of this month. The painter, always in between the U.S. and Oviedo - where she is installed- appears with the works "of the last year and a half," ready to go out, with the characteristic loneliness reflected on her work.

-You came back with more interiors.

- It's a subject I still like to investigate, I think one can do a lot with it. But I included an exterior in this show, a landscape on which you can see a house from the outside instesd from the inside.

- Is it something you have in mind for the future?

- Yes, I plan to work on it. It seemed a good idea to include it because, although it is not the same thing, it has a lot to do with it. This landscape is in Pennsylvania, typical American-style farms and it shows lonelyness. It reflects solitude. Is the area of the Amish country, the community that lives without electricity. It is a type of landscape, vast and flat that I like. It might remind us of a Castillian landscape, but different. Anyhow, it has to do with my personal history, which I carry in my heart.

- Where are these interiors at?

- In many places, some are places from my childhood... There is a sentimental relationship between me and these places, which is reflected on each painting.

-Was anyone harder to paint that others?

- As a matter of fact, yes. The one I named "Shattered", one of my inventions, distorted and broken ...  is rather more complicated than a normal work.

- how does this idea come to you?

- It is an experimental idea that came out of my mind: breaking reality like a round puzzle seemed an interesting thing to try. I havn't seen anyone do this. .

- This collection includes doors, windows, corridors ...

- Yes, places that take you somewhere. Hallways, a climbing starecase, steps that go down that leads to a light, what's behind a door ...

- Is is still different to show your work here and in the United States?

- I think it depends on the gallery. The way everything is globalized in this world make fewer differences. The show system is the same in the U.S., but some galleries buy your work beforehand, for a more affordable price. At least that ensures you a sale.

- Do you think about the crisiswhen you are painting?

- No, I focus on what I'm doing because it's my passion. If I worry about selling or not.... It would be a problem. I hope everything goes well in this show, though I'm concious of this crisis. I think there is also a lot of psychosis in many peoples mind.