"Your eyes tell you what to draw"

La Voz de Asturias 

NOELIA ARIAS, 12/04/2007  

Her works have Spanish influence, through her mother's side, and American. Monica Dixon, born in Camden (New Jersey), Bachelor of Fine Arts she shows her recent work in Costa de Diego Gallery.

- What will the public see at this new show? 

-This time, you can see a series of 29 paintings with the same theme, Interiors, which I've been working on for the last two years. I was alway's interested on this subject but this time I went in deeper. What predominates are against the light scenes, lights and shadows. There are wide range of "inscapes", among which is the legendary Café Dolar of Oviedo and a series of staicases.  

- what inspires you to create your work?

- What I see inspires me. Your eyes tell you what to draw . Mainly, in my case, I find really interesting everything that has to do with light (and darkness), so I feel passionate about interiors. Additionally, this way of painting shows the importance of a good perspective drawing.

- How is the reaction of the public to your work? 

- I have received all kinds of comments. On one hand, I've heard that my paintings transmit mystery and restlessness, but on the other, they transmit peacefulness. It always depends on which eyes that are observing.  I'm concerned about what my work transmits to people en general. Some paintings are very cinematographic because I'm interested on classic films and it reflects on my work. I'm a lonely person en general, and that is also reflected in my work. 

- How does an American artist succeed in Asturias? 

- It's a long story. I was born in the U.S. but my mother is Spanish. The truth is, I consider myself from both places. I have studied in the U.S and some of those American artists have influenced on my work, but since I've been living in asturias for quite a few years I also learned a lot from Spanish art. I'm alway's searching for variety.

-Is it very different working in Asturias that in the U.S.? 

It is quite similar and, with globalization, more and more each day. You show your work in galleries as you do here. I showed my work in Philadelphia and feel really close o that city. But in the U.S. there are galleries that purchase of your work and show it exclusively at their gallery. That I have not seen here yet. 

- What are your next projects? -- 

"For now, I have scheduled a group exhibition in December 2009 and will also go to Zamora to return to Oviedo, with a solo show in each of these cities. In between, there are many projects to be carried out.