Along my continuous search and worry about light – in my constant dialogue between artificial and natural light -  I don’t look for detail, but the minimal  figurative references to create sensations. In that search I dispossess the pictorial space of all that I perceived as anecdotic. Characters and objects disturbed me; they distracted me from what I really wanted to see: the space painted in its own, the vibration of light in the atmosphere, the essential solitude of the scene. Sometimes we go from place to place without knowing what we keep in them. Time goes by and it doesn’t tell us what happens in them but it carries us to the shelter of a timid light that converses with us. Because the reality that will prevail opposite to our evanescency, are not the individual objects nor their particular configuration in space, but the space itself and the light that reveals it. The space as a compartment that  describes the scenography of life. The space, definitive, not like a mere construction or emptiness, but like a presence.